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Whoa there! Need to slow down…

Big thanks to the response and inquires from people.  Always excites as to how interested people are about beer now.

Unfortunately, I have to post-pone the March beginning of Cicerone Training.  I would be fooling myself if I actually thought between opening Lansdowne brewery and the many other things going on in my life that I could deliver the best training possible.  Not a chance.  The people I train deserve me at my best.

For anybody looking to take the exam, one is being offered on April 9th, at Cool Beer Co.

Anyone looking to write the exam please let me know, with a few people I can run a practice exam for you, with a complete tasting portion.



Starting in March

Ok.  Finally got the dates sorted out.

Beer_Education training schedule for Certified Cicerone®


@ 20 classes

  1. Monday, March 2 – Off-flavours and Introductions
  2. Tuesday, March 3 – Sensory Evaluation and Palate Calibration
  3. Monday, March 9 – Common Beer flavours
  4. Tuesday, March 10 – Malts & Malting
  5. Monday, March 16 – Hops w/ Organic Hop farmer Shane Eby
  6. Tuesday, March 17 – Yeast and other organisms
  7. Monday, March 23 – Review + 9 style tastings
  8. Tuesday, March 24 – Draught Systems with Jeff Rogowsky (Session Craft Canning)
  9. Monday, March 30 – Provincial and Territorial selling and serving laws
  10. Monday, April 6 – Food, Cheese and Beer Pairing with Chef Jesse Vallins (The Saint Tavern) (Easter Monday)
  11. Monday, April 13 – Essay reviews and Ingredient Assessment
  12. Monday, April 20 – Shelf life, Storage & Cellaring
  13. Monday, April 27 – Pouring Techniques and Bottle service
  14. Monday, May 4 – The Brewing Process Pt. 1 with Matt Tweedy (Beau’s Brewery) TBD
  15. Monday, May 11 – The Brewing Process Pt. 2 with Matt Tweedy (Beau’s Brewery)TBD
  16. Monday, May 25 – Belgian and Trappist Lore
  17. Monday, June 1 – Draught Trouble-shooting + 3 BJCP category tastings
  18. Monday, June 8 – Final Review
  19. Monday, June 15 – Written and Tasting Exam
  20. Monday, June 22 – Exam review and additional tasting exam

In between all those lessons all 76 styles in the BJCP guide will be sampled, and evaluated.  Also selected styles from the 2014 BJCP guide will be reviewed as well.

Gave a little break on Victoria Day.  It’s nice to have a break.