Dates are locked in

So after the usual venue negotiations, chasing after people for money, and just general madness I’m thrilled to announce I have managed to lock in dates for the next round of beer training.  With every class there will at least be one blind off-flavour tasting, and one blind style identification, which always happens at the beginning of class.  Nearly every class will contain at least one tasting of an entire BJCP category, except with guest speakers.

@ 20 classes

Monday, March 3 – Off-flavours and Introductions

Tuesday, March 4 – Sensory Evaluation and Palate Calibration

Monday, March 10 – Common Beer flavours

Tuesday, March 11 – Malts & Malting

Tuesday, March 18 – Hops w/ Organic Hop farmer Shane Eby

Tuesday, March 25 – Yeast and other organisms

Tuesday, April 1 – Review + 9 style tastings

Tuesday, April 8 – Draught Systems with UBC’s Jeff Rogowsky

Tuesday, April 15 – Provincial and Territorial selling and serving laws

Tuesday, April 22 – Food, Cheese and Beer Pairing with Chef Jesse Vallins (The Saint Tavern)

Tuesday, April 29 – Essay reviews and Ingredient Assessment

Tuesday, May 6 – Shelf life, Storage & Cellaring

Tuesday, May 13 – Pouring Techniques and Bottle service

Tuesday, May 20 – The Brewing Process Pt. 1 with Matt Tweedy (Beau’s Brewery)

Wednesday, May 21 – The Brewing Process Pt. 2 with Matt Tweedy (Beau’s Brewery)

Tuesday, May 27 – Belgian and Trappist Lore

Tuesday, June 3 – Draught Trouble-shooting + 3 BJCP category tastings

Tuesday, June 10 – Final Review

Tuesday, June 17 – Written and Tasting Exam

Tuesday, June 24 – Exam review and additional tasting exam

In between all those lessons all 76 styles in the BJCP guide will be sampled, and evaluated.

A lot of people ask me if there’s a way to reduce the number of lessons.  I could do that, but I find that after 2.5 – 3 hours people’s attention span is nearly gone.  It’s quite an amount of material to teach.

If your interested in writing for the Cicerone® exam, these all the bases you’ll need to cover.

Special thanks to Rob and Matt at Bar Hop for putting their faith in me and the program.

And of course, contact me via Twitter, email or this Blog for any questions you may have.


3 thoughts on “Dates are locked in

  1. stewart

    Hey Peter,

    Stewart From the BA. Wondering if you have confirmed dates for your next session? Either way count me for your next set of classes.



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