More Q & A

12.  How should I be preparing for the exam?  Do I need to prepare for your course?

If you seriously intending to write the Certified Cicerone® exam, there are several reading materials you had better be VERY familiar with:

2008 BJCP Guide

Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

Anything written by Michael Jackson


For instance, if you can’t tell me what this guy in the photo is doing, you better hit the books.

As far as preparing for my course, the more knowledge you have, the more you will learn.  I have found that people whom already have an excellent base reading get the most out of the course.  They are ultimately, the ones whom also fair better on the exam.

13.  $650 is some serious cash.  Why so much?

If you work it out, it’s $30 a course, which includes all your beer, reading materials, snacks, cheese and food pairings, guest speakers and a bunch of other fun stuff.  It’s actually a pretty good deal. 

14.  Can you fail the Certified Cicerone® Exam?

Certainly.  You need at least 70% on the tasting, and 80% on the written.  If you fail one but pass the other, you only have to retake the one portion you failed.

15.  What guarantee do I have that I’ll pass this exam when I take your course?

I’m afraid I can’t guarantee you anything. Of the 14 people I’ve trained, all have passed the tasting portion of the exam, and 6 are Certified Cicerone’s® now.  The ones who failed the written all failed by less than 5%, and all admitted to me they could have studied more.

16.  The world of beer is constantly changing.  Is your information up to date?

Yes sir.  I’m constantly updating course material and notes, and keep a fairly steady pulse on the beer industry.

17.  I have a business that sells/produces beer.  Can you help me?

Sure.  I offer discounts on group rates, and can put together a custom program to suit your needs.  If it’s training your staff of 80, or selecting which beers to put on your draught selection, I can be of service.


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